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Ski training in Geilo – Group offers

Offers for training groups in alpine skiing, cross country skiing and biathlon

Geilolia Hyttetun is located right next to the ski slopes in Vestlia, right by cross-country ski trails and only 2 km from Geilo Ski Stadium.

The cabins provide a great base for both training and competitions in alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and biathlon.

We have great deals on accommodation for fitness groups.

Comfortable, convenient and affordable accomodation for groups at Geilolia Hyttetun

Geilolia Hyttetun (“Forest Cabins”) are located right next to the ski slopes at Vestlia in Geilo. The cabins have 6 – 12 beds, with options for small and larger gatherings.

All cottages have a large living room with plenty of space around the dining table, a well equipped kitchen, a sauna and a fireplace.

The cabins are self-catered, but it is possible to order meals at the neighbor hotel Vestlia Resort or order food delivered to the cabins.

When does the skiing season start?

The start of the season is of course dependent on the temperatures, but with upgraded snowmaking systems in Vestlia the season is expected to start by mid-November.

Snow guarantee

We know you are dependent on snow, so you can cancel for free if there is a lack of snow or a competition is moved to different date. 

Rates and booking

NOK 200,- per person/night
+ NOK 300 per person/stay for bed linen, towels and departure cleaning.

Use our online booking with the promo code 
trening2020 to get this rate.

You don’t pay anything in advance and you can change dates and number of guests later. 

The price assumes that the cabins are filled up, but max 1 free bed per cabin and that you stay at least 2 nights.

Departure cleaning is included, you can bring your own linen/towels or this can be rented on site.

Contact us on telephone 97 97 14 14 or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Remember that competition weekends gets booked quickly.

Training times and lift passes

Contact Ski Geilo’s experienced training coordinator Hans Jonny Snilsberg at [email protected] to schedule training times and order ski passes.

Ski pass prices for fitness groups can be found at SkiGeilo.