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How to get your keys

🔑 Geilolia has contact-free check-in and check-out through Sharebox key locker system, which is safe and easy to use.

On the day of arrival you will receive a link via text message and email before arrival. The key locker will be activated on the agreed arrival time or earlier, if the cabin is ready.

How to pick up keys in the Sharebox Key Locker

  1. First, look at the SMS text message/email you have received explaining everything.
  2. When you are in front of the Sharebox, start by clicking on the web-link in the SMS.
  3. When the weblink opens on your mobile screen, tap in the Location ID. This number is found on a sticker and is exclusive for each Sharebox, confirming that you are at the correct Sharebox.
  4. Then click “Open” on your mobile screen, and you will access your keys.
  5. Please close the locker.

When checking out, it works in the same way, click on the link, enter the ID and the correct hatch opens. The reception will then be notified that you have checked out.

The link to the key box works during the entire stay, so if you want to put the key in a safe place while you are out, you can put it in the key box. The link to open can be shared with anyone who will be staying in the cottage. When you chack out you can use the same link to leave the keys.

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